Our society is struggling with the isolation of online “friendships,” social media and a disconnectedness that can lead to depression, dysfunctional relationships, bullying and so much more.  Youth need an opportunity to socialize with peers in a healthy and fun way.  Under the guidance and support of caring, professional adult mentors, youth build resiliency to handle all that life may bring.

The activities provided at REACH are fun, of course, but they are designed to create life experiences from which youth can learn about themselves, their peers and the adult community in order to create strong, real connections.  They learn and strengthen communication skills, problem solving and conflict resolution skills which are transferable into all areas of their lives.

Many of the youth at REACH do not have the opportunity to participate in sports programs, dance classes or other extra curricular activities, mainly due to the logistics of a dual income or single parent family.  Without a school activity bus or public transportation, many families simply cannot get kids to those kinds of activities on a regular basis.  And they are expensive!

Which is why REACH provides low-cost, high-value activities in Art, Drama, Athletics, Healthy Lifestyles, Education, Workforce Readiness and so much more!  REACH wants to give youth options…choices each day, to explore their strengths, challenge their weaknesses and grow into  well-rounded citizens, capable of contributing in a positive way to the Redmond Community.

Everyday after school, REACH buses pick up kids from schools all over Redmond, bringing them together to develop new friendships, have a healthy snack and enjoy our cool facility with pool tables, ping pong, outdoor play equipment and basketball court, a complete Art room full of creativity an Education Room with computers for homework and adults ready to make their afternoon a success!

Hours: after school-6:30pm M-F

Rate: $150/month

Enroll Today for the 2018-2019 school year!

Come to our Main Site location (1379 SW 15th ST, Redmond) to pick up the Enrollment Forms, or you may download the PDFs below. If you have any questions, please call: 541-504-9060. Completed forms must be turned in at our front desk, with the $50 enrollment fee, and the current month’s activity fees. 

Click HERE for the 2018-2019 Parent Handbook. This contains all of our policies and activity information. It also contains a signature page that must be signed and turned in.

Click HERE to download the 2018-2019 Welcome Packet. This contains the enrollment forms that must be completed and turned in.