Safety Protocols

These protocols come from the Oregon Department of Education’s (ODE), Early Learning Division (ELD), and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). The list below is a summary of the new safety protocols. Please discuss these with your youth so that they are prepared to meet expectations at REACH during our program. We want to ensure their success and keep them as informed as possible.

• Illness Response
   o Youth and staff should not attend if they feel ill or have any symptoms of illness.
   o Any youth or staff having fever of 100.4 or higher will be sent home immediately. Any youth or staff having known exposure to COVID, fever (100.4 or higher), cough and/or shortness of breath may not attend.
        – Any youth or staff having a fever must be excluded from “REACH Higher!” for a period of no less than 10 days 
   o Youth or staff that have been sent home or stay home because they are sick can come back anytime once they have gotten a negative test result or a note from their doctor certifying they are COVID free and are free of fever (without the use of fever reducing medications) or symptoms for 24 hours.
   o If a youth or staff has been sent home with COVID-19 symptoms we ask that they immediately get tested for COVID-19 and notify us of the result. For a list of local testing sites visit:
   o If any youth is to be sent home due to illness, they will be cared for in a designated area and must be picked up within 30 minutes.
   o REACH will report any known cases or exposures to COVID-19 to our local public health authority (Deschutes County Public Health).
   o Any youth or staff who have been exposed to a positive or presumptive case of COVID must be excluded from “REACH Higher!” and quarantine for a period of no less than 14 days.
        – Quarantine cannot be shortened with a negative test or a note from a doctor.

• Designated drop off/pick up times and locations will be assigned to each group and strictly adhered to.

• Health checks upon arrival:
All youth, staff, and any persons entering the program will be asked about symptoms and exposure and have their temperatures taken.
   o Staff performing health checks will be in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Health monitoring:
    o Monitoring of any development of symptoms: shortness of breath, cough, fever (100.4 or greater), rash, and loss of smell.

Frequent hand washing/bathroom breaks:
   o Youth and staff will wash their hands throughout the day and at every transition for 20 seconds with soap and water.

Cohorts/stable groups create smaller group sizes that provide opportunities for increased mentor-youth and youth-youth interaction! However, because the groups must remain stable, youth are not able to switch from one space/group to another.

• To maintain a healthy environment sanitation happens throughout the day and in between groups using different facilities. Cohorts/stable groups stay and travel together to eliminate cross contamination and to keep everyone healthy. 

• Physical distancing:
   o Daily activities will allow for physical distancing and will not require youth to come     into contact with one another or with our staff. REACH is not able to guarantee that all   youth will remain exactly 6 feet apart at all times. We ask that you please discuss the importance of physical distancing from their peers and mentors with your youth.
   o Youth will participate in outdoor activities as often as possible.
   o All tables and seating will be spaced to allow physical distancing
   o Limiting the sharing of equipment.

Personal belongings, outside of those listed below, must stay behind at home or in your child’s backpack. All efforts to avoid cross contamination are in place to keep every one of our families and children safe.
   o Accepted Belongings: REACH card, mask, Chromebooks, headphones,    Chromebook chargers, snack/lunch, water bottle, backpack
   o Ensure personal belongings are labeled with the youth’s first and last name.

• Masks/Face Coverings:
   o Parents/Guardians and authorized pick up persons are required to wear masks/face coverings are required at pick up and drop off times.
   o Masks/face coverings are required for participation.
   o NOTE: We cannot guarantee that your youth will keep their mask/face coverings on or wear it at all times. Please discuss mask use and expectations at home with your youth.

No Lost and Found will be kept at REACH. Please ensure that your youth leaves with all their belongings each day as REACH will not be storing and lost/misplaced items.