Keeping your community safe is what matters most. Manage campus incidents and emergencies with advanced location and safety management of large populations.

Designed to enable administrators to address everything from minor everyday incidents to large- scale emergencies, this module provides enhanced situational awareness of student locations, real- time chat with students, and confirmation of student status, allowing selective, or wide-scale alerts and communication with community members.

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What Does Emergency Response Do For You?

Offers robust capabilities to handle emergencies and effectively manage the safety of a small or large number of individuals.

Gives your community a sense of security and provides a seamless experience for all.

Simplifies processes for all involved.

Provides the ability to communicate with students and faculty in real-time, efficiently and in a safe manner.

Provides the means for administrators to maintain control and handle emergency situations effectively.

Assists authorities in quickly and accurately locating individuals.

Provides real-time attendance tracking, enabling administrators to monitor the presence of students and faculty during emergencies.

Why Emergency Response?

Be prepared with Emergency Response powered by Reach Our streamlined system removes the guesswork, making it simple to use, so you can direct your attention where it is most important – on the safety of your community. With step-by-step instructions and reminders along the way.

  • Access from any device with cloud storage and 24/7 access for all users
  • Manage Risk, create a safe environment that protects students, staff and your school
  • Gain Efficiency in all facets of an emergency
  • Improve Communications with your entire community
  • Implement Protocols to apply best practice systems across your operations
  • Easy and Accessible. No matter where they are, you’ll know. When a faculty member takes attendance in an emergency, the app generates a unique code for students to input on their phones. Those without their phones can be added manually.
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Within Emergency Response Powered by Reach

Single Command Center Administration

Easily manage critical information in a single location to minimize the impact of emergencies. The dashboard aggregates data from all sources so you are informed about who checked in, where, and by whom. Reports of which students are missing can be quickly seen in a heatmap and provided to authorities.

Locate your students

During natural disasters, crimes, and other emergencies, what matters most is the safety of your students and faculty. In real-time, you’ll be able to pinpoint their location to send them help or rescue them and ensure you account for every student.

Customized settings for all.

Be it an actual emergency or a drill, your permissions are customizable and editable. Your school can choose the severity of every instance your community prepares for.

Emergency is triggered.

Upon activation of EMS, the Reach platform is taken over.

Staff account for students.

Next, as a staff member you’ll account for students in your care. Students will automatically assume your status. Then any missing students can be flagged.

A code with a cause.

Setting up a staff code will allow students to key in their status while you work through your duty of care.

You're rollcall ready.

By now you’ll be ready to rollcall. The goal of rollcall is to have every student accounted for. When a student is accounted for their name badge will turn green.

Unaccounted for and on record.

The Command Control Screen provides to the Critical Response Team members with a comprehensive view of the evolving events. This screen will feature important components such as Roll Call, Heat Map, and Communication Hub.

When you tag a student as missing this information is tracked and can be messaged to your Critical Response Team. If you have trouble locating a student, try checking the GPS map and or messaging them.

Send a message with ease.

Communication within the EMS system is simple. integrated, real-time secure chat capability between student and teacher.

Who Needs Emergency Response?

Our complete tracking and reporting suite is intuitive for administrators and students.

Dorm Parents
Transportation Coordinator
Head of Boarding
Director of Residence Life
Director of Student Activities
Director of Boarding
Boarding admin
Head Master
Director of Student Life
Day school administrators
Events Manager
House Parent
House Mistress
Student Advisors
Recreation Manager
Risk and Compliance managers
IT Managers
Head of House
House Master
Boarding Supervisors
School Nurses
Exeat Coordinator
IT Support
Campus Safety
Gap Students
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What Can You Do in Emergency Response?

Emergency Response provides an integrated system of communication and security with checks & balances that help provide peace of mind for your school’s parents, staff, and students.

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How Much Does Reach Cost?

Whether your school has a large or small student population, we’re here to help you scale.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to sit down with each school to discuss together what is the best plan for their school, as we think it’s important to understand each school’s unique needs and operation before offering an accurate quote.

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Product Support And Training

You will connect with our team in your region, who will know your school.

Regional, Responsive, and Concierge-Level Support

Reach has numerous training resources to get new staff up and running. With support teams and developers in Canada, United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom and Europe, help is never far away. You can find support information, videos, tutorials and important setup information at From here, you can:

  • Launch support tickets
  • Chat with our support team
  • Find articles to a challenge
  • Submit a suggestion

Experienced Team Members with an Educational Pedigree

Our team is comprised of former School Administrators, Deans, Dorm Parents, Admission Directors, Industry Experts and Advancement Professionals. We know schools because we’ve been there. Click here to know our team

Supportive Environment

All telephone and online support calls are included as part of the Reach subscription. Staff Training is included as part of the initial setup cost and is carried out on a “train the trainer” basis.

Staff training can be either conducted on-site at your school or via online methods depending upon your particular needs. Additional on-site training can be supplied at additional cost… etc.

Teach Reach

This comprehensive, self-paced, virtual training program guides your team through all you need to know about our Top 8 Modules, used by schools around the globe. Upon completion of all 8 courses, we issue a certification badge that can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile! Each course takes roughly 10-20 minutes depending on user experience. Teach Reach allows your team to revisit both our mobile and web platforms in a guided environment, with specific tasks for each module.

If you are interested in registering for Teach Reach please click here


Reach works with schools across six continents. We understand how schools across the globe operate differently.

Experienced Team Members with an Educational Pedigree:

Our team is composed of former School Administrators, Deans, Dorm Parents, Admission Directors, and Advancement Professionals from around the world. We know schools because we’ve been there. Click here to know our team

Global Partnerships with Institutions and People:

Reach has developed partnerships with global leaders in Education, bringing their expertise into Reach. Click here to learn more about our Partnerships

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