Empowering Schools and Camps with Unprecedented Insight into Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Reach Wellness will provide your school with unprecedented insight into the wellbeing of your school community. Imagine having the ability to view and analyze the big picture of Social and Emotional Wellness for both your students and faculty directly in Reach. In our post-COVID world, the capacity for schools to accurately quantify the emotional well-being of their communities is more important than ever. Utilizing a collection of data points from a variety of sources, including both qualitative and quantitative data results, your team will be better equipped to support your students and staff and help create a healthier community.

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Challenge Success Powered By Reach

Our Partnership With Challenge Success

Understanding student wellness and engagement is vital to a happy student and a great school. That’s why we’ve partnered with Challenge Success, a non-profit affiliated with the Stanford Graduate School of Education, to provide a data-driven analysis of your school’s culture, student wellness, and engagement.

Our partnership and work with the team at Challenge Success has transformed how Reach thinks about Student Wellness and Healthy Schools. Everything from data collection to analysis gives our partner schools the information and resources needed to create an environment for students to grow and thrive.

The Challenge Success Survey, powered by Reach

In partnership with Challenge Success, a non-profit organization affiliated with Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education, surveys have been administered to students, across a range of schools, focusing on a wealth of topics including student connection, engagement with learning, and mental health.

Challenge Success provides schools with proven strategies that promote well-being and engagement with learning in order to transform the student experience.

By administering a student survey, powered by the Reach App, your school can gather data and insights that lead to actionable changes designed to improve student well-being, belonging, and engagement with learning. Challenge Success surveys completed by over 300,000+ middle & high schoolers from 300+ schools reveal:


Students average 6.5 hrs/weekday 1% Achieve required sleep (9 hours)


Students average 3.1 hrs/weeknight 25% report more than 3.5 hours 50% believe most to all is busywork


80% have an adult to go to with a personal problem. 61% feel accepted at their school. 71% feel that most or all of their teachers value and listen to students’ ideas

How it Works

The survey has about 70+ questions and takes 30-40 minutes to complete.

Questions/topics include Items on:

  • Academic engagement
  • Physical and mental health
  • Homework and extracurriculars
  • Academic worry (Grades and assessment)
  • Support and belonging at school
  • Beliefs about teacher care
  • Stress and ways to alleviate it

Through the process, anonymized data is collected from user-friendly surveys of students, staff, and parents via the Reach mobile app or via direct email link. Experts from Challenge Success will analyze the results of the surveys and through tabulation, will display a dashboard of the results in the Reach Wellness, highlighting key response areas and data that will help you understand your community from different vantage points.

Beyond the Dashboard in Reach, Team Members from Challenge Success will provide a one-hour video conference debrief with your team to review the analysis and your school’s results. This debrief will offer expert advice on how to interpret the data, and how best to address any opportunities or concerns highlighted through the discovery process.

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What’s Included With The Challenge Success Survey?


Support administering one online survey


Interactive, online dashboard of results with executive summary

Peer School Profile

Access to a dashboard of data from similar schools

Debrief Call

Video call with members of our Research or Program teams to debrief results and recommend next steps

Prep4 School And Prep4 Camp Videos Powererd By Reach

Big News

We are excited to share the news that Reach has acquired Prep4 Camp and Prep4 School!

If you are a Current Prep4 Client:

When you renew your Prep4 membership, you can stay on the existing platform or upgrade to the Reach platform. Both options will have all the same great videos, PDFs, and podcasts that make spending time away from home easier for young people and their caregivers. 

The Reach platform will offer a simplified sign-in process for families and an elegant interface for smartphones.

Who is Dr. Christopher Thurber

Dr. Christopher Thurber is a thought leader in positive youth development. He has dedicated his professional life to improving how caring adults teach and lead young people, as well as to enhancing the experience of adventurous youth who are spending time away from home.

A graduate of Harvard University and UCLA, Dr. Thurber has served as a psychologist and instructor at Phillips Exeter Academy since 1999. He and his wife, Simonida (an analytical chemist and musician who grew up in Belgrade, Serbia), are the proud parents of two boys—Danilo, b. 2002, and Sava, b. 2004. They live in New Hampshire, in the northeast United States.

How Prep4 can help our program?

By watching Prep4 School and Prep 4 Camp bilingual animations your new students and campers (and their families) will enjoy better adjustment to boarding school and summer camp.

By watching Prep4 School and Prep4 Camp videos, students learn life skills and build a social-emotional foundation for success—both in and out of school.

Each of Prep4’s multilingual animations teaches new and returning students (and their caregivers!) the most effective strategies for managing time, preventing homesickness, adjusting to boarding culture, speaking up in class, communicating with advisers, coping with pressure, and more!

Prep4 School

Prep4 School is what all students need to be successful and happy! Prep4 School is a collection of short animations that explain the keys to efficient time management, homesickness prevention, sleep hygiene, joining classroom discussions, communicating with teachers, and dealing with both academic pressure and the stress of a new culture. Start school ready to achieve something great! With Prep4, success is more than just a score.

Prep4 Makes Boarding Better!

Members get Instant Access to Awesome Videos that Teach these Essential Student Success Skills:

  • In-Class Participation
  • Homesickness Prevention
  • Recalibrating Your Self-Image
  • Maximizing Achievement
  • Coping with Academic Pressure
  • Efficient Time Management
  • Advisor Communication
  • Cross-Cultural Comfort
  • Restorative Sleep Patterns
  • Caregiver Support of Students
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Prep4 Camp

Prep4 Camp is an engaging and supportive, animated, multilingual video for campers and their caregivers. The subscription includes a video for families to watch together, handouts and tip sheets to download, and a podcast, especially for parents.

The video teaches new and returning campers the keys to social and emotional success at camp. Prep4 Camp gets you ready for an awesome summer!  Prep4 Camp Makes Overnight Amazing!

Members get Instant Access to an Awesome Video that Teach these Keys to Camper Happiness:

  • Preventing Homesickness
  • Packing What You Need
  • Writing Great Letters Home
  • Making and Keeping Friends
  • Trying New Activities
  • Managing Medications
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We have selected some common questions from our Boarding School clients below, for a more complete list of FAQ click here

What is the content of what Challenge Success does?

What the students are experiencing related to SPACE Does Student Voice drive your school’s policies and practices?

S: Students Schedule & Use of time

P: Project & Problem-Based learning

A: Alternative & Authentic Assessment

C: Climate of Care

E: Education

Can the Challenge Success survey be given to students on a regular basis, for example once or twice a month? Or is it too long? And if it's too long, is there a shorter version that could be used for regular check-ins?

We recommend you administer the CS survey one or two times during the school year (Fall and Spring), it is better to administer during a time that is typical for students at your school, students should not take the survey right before or after exams or during the first few weeks of school. If you want to send a shorter version of the survey or just monthly check ups, you can do that within Reach at any time.

Is the Challenge Success survey only delivered through Reach?

The survey can be delivered through the Reach App or we could email you a link to a secure website, which you can distribute to your students when they sit for the survey.

We recommend that you encourage all students to participate, we aim for a response rate of at least 70% of the group you have selected to deliver the survey.

If we are already a Reach customer, what is the fee for adding the Challenge Success survey?

If you are a Reach School or not, you can have access to the Challenge Success Survey, we have many options, and we will need to understand your needs before we can give you an accurate quote.

Is there the opportunity to adjust the way questions are asked, i.e. more appropriate for different countries or cultures?

It depends on the question, but we could adjust race/ethnicity to be appropriate for your audience

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