Leverage the power of Reach’s open API connections to seamlessly integrate with your school’s Student Information System, ensuring a single master record and reducing administrative overheads.

With our API, you can directly access data feeds from your main school database systems, simplifying record keeping and ensuring accuracy and efficiency across student, parent, and staff information.

What are Reach Integrations?

The data integration will be provided to your school’s Student Information System for the provisioning and synchronization of user accounts into the Reach platform. This will ensure a single master record and reduce the administrative overheads of maintaining two separate user databases.

Reach has open API connections. This allows it to link directly to any main school database systems for direct access to data feeds of important information for your students, parents and staff. This way only one contact database needs to be maintained, making it easier and more efficient to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of your record keeping.

With the Reach Application Programming Interface (API), we connect with the world’s leading platforms, including yours. Reach has built over 30 integrations with partners around the world.

Does Reach Integrate With Our Current System?

Seemless Integration: A key feature of Reach is that it has been designed to integrate seamlessly with a growing list of School Management Systems worldwide.

Running separate databases for your School Software and your main school database can be inefficient and problematic. Which database do you keep accurate? Which database do you operate as the primary “source of truth” for your school?

What is an API?

REST API: An API, or application programming interface, may seem unfamiliar, but it holds significance for your institution. Reach offers numerous customization options for your account, which can sometimes be intricate. For instance, you can seamlessly synchronize student data with your database or establish a single sign-on (SSO) with your existing parent portal. In such cases, our API allows our web developers to incorporate customized functionalities. When two systems, be it websites, desktops, or smartphones, connect through an API, they are considered “integrated.”

What Data Does Reach Need To Be Uploaded?

Reach can integrate directly with your SIS via APIs. A secure daily sync will connect your data to our system.

Reach predominantly pulls demographic information of students and parents, as the system helps schools manage the leave process and emailing of parents. Information such as Dorm, Grade, Gender, Room Number, etc… is also pulled through the API.

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