Meagan is an Activities Specialist.  She has been with REACH for 2 years. She graduated from RHS and hopes to pursue a degree in childhood development.

Trainings/Certifications: I have received many trainings with REACH that cover bullying, lock downs, and fire drills.

Why/How working with youth adds value to her life: Working with youth adds value to my life, because it is such a wonderful experience being able to interact with the young members of our community, and knowing I have made a positive impact on a youth’s life as a mentor.

Her REACH inspirational moment/success story: An inspirational moment for me is receiving art or a drawing from a youth. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that they thought of me. It always manages to make me smile and brighten my day.

Meagan’s favorite REACH activity: Anything to do with teaching and helping youth with arts and crafts like friendship bracelets or keychains. I especially enjoy it when the youth are having fun and keep going with what they have learned, getting better and better at the activity.

A little bit about Meagan, from the youth: