Lauren is our Wellness Experiences Director.  Lauren has a degree in ASS-Exercise Science and she’s been with REACH for over a year.

Trainings/Certifications: CPR/AED, ORCAS Certification

Why/How working with youth adds value to her life: For our youth, I strive to cultivate a positive and holistic relationship with physical activity. Lending the opportunity to connect positive self connections with everyday life and play, to our youth, brings me immense fulfillment.

Her REACH inspirational moment/success story: When a youth enters the room at the beginning of a session, not wanting to engage – and then that same youth leaves with a smile and a high-five and hour later. A positive connection happened, physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Lauren’s favorite REACH activity: Creative sports! Youth work together in small groups to create their very own games. The youth get the opportunity to share their creativity and be physically active.

Additional thoughts from Lauren: In the time since I finished my AAS degree I’e had the opportunities to work with a range of athletes, from competitive travel teams and all-state competitions to collegiate sportsmen to even a handful of professional hopefuls. However, my greatest sense of accomplishment and fulfillment comes from working with the youth at REACH.