REACH is excited to announce our Preschool Extension Experience which brings REACH staff into local preschools and daycares to provide the Fabulously Fun Fitness curriculum of Stretch-n-Grow.  It is our passion to ensure that children get an early start in establishing fitness and wellness habits as a foundation for healthy lifestyles for the rest of their lives, and Stretch-n-Grow is the perfect fit!

Coach Lauren brings equipment such as parachutes, hoops, balls, ropes, scooters and more into each class on a weekly basis. We are very creative and exercise not only the body but the mind as well. Lots of music, lots of action and tons of fun all in a non-competitive atmosphere.

Since moving to Central Oregon two years ago to become REACH’s Wellness Experiences Director, Coach Lauren’s passion for working with our youth to cultivate a positive and holistic relationship with physical activity has brought great fulfillment in how she believes she can make a difference in our community’s next generation. When the REACH Board of Directors purchased the Stretch-N-Grow franchise, the world’s largest children’s fitness program, Lauren could not wait to combine the REACH mission with the Stretch-N-Grow curriculum.

Lauren holds her AAS in Exercise Science, is certified by Stretch-n-Grow International, CPR and ORCAS certified. She loves making Stretch-N-Grow fun and entertaining as well as educational. Many children, from toddlers through elementary ages are already stretchin’ n growin’ with us! We would love for REACH parents to share the flyer with your preschool and daycare directors throughout Deschutes County. 

Please contact Coach Lauren at 541-504-9060 to schedule a free demonstration class for your younger child’s class.